Yes, we are incorporated as LTD company named:


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No, each account must have different owner.
We work with Bitcoin and Payeer.
You can easily exchange your altcoins (e.g. ethereum, litecoin, Tron, …) and fiat (e.g. pefrect money, …) to Bitcoin by BestChange.com .
The minimum deposit amount is 10$.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 3$.
We do not charge any fees. BUT as with all crypto transactions, you do have to pay a fee to blockchain network.
Withdraw Requests are completed automatically and it all depends on transactions confirmation time in the blockchain network. Usually it takes up to 1 hour, but not longer than 48 hours.
We will save 0.275% of daily profit for you, so after 365 days, your initial capital will double. After one year, you can withdraw your principal and still receive a profit or you can withdraw the entire doubled initial capital but you will no longer receive any interest.
Yes, we pay 10% commission from direct referral’s deposits. It will add to your balance instantly.
No, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.
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